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California Short Sale Lawyer

Price Law Group offers experienced legal representation to homeowners and Realtors®/brokers in California who are faced with the legally complex short sale process. It only takes one phone call to have a skilled short sale lawyer from our firm by your side. We can accelerate the process while protecting you or your client's interests in order to achieve the outcome you are hoping for. Having our powerful team by your side can help ensure that any issues are immediately addressed and the sale moves forward according to plan. Our fee is 1% of the purchase price, and a majority of the time we are successful in getting our fees paid directly by the lender. If you are a Realtor® or broker, we provide legal counsel to the seller on your behalf, eliminating your liability in the short sale.

It is also important to note that DRE, MLS boards and National Brokerages require agents to include attorneys in their short sale transactions due to the many legal implications involved.

What is a short sale?

When a homeowner and a lender enter into an agreement and sell the home for less than the amount owed the lender, it is termed a "short sale."  The money that is made from the sale is turned over to the lenders.  Usually when this is done, the debt that the homeowner owed on the house is considered to be fully satisfied.  At times, however, the homeowner may still be responsible for a portion of the deficiency.  We know the different options that are available to you, should a deficiency have to be resolved.  

At our firm, we have assisted over 100,000 families who were in financial trouble.  We also offer our legal guidance and representation to Realtors® and brokers. Short sales have become increasingly popular in recent years, resulting from a declining economy and housing market.  There are facts and some myths about short sales that you should know.  An experienced California bankruptcy attorney may have the information that you need in order to make an informed decision regarding the best option to use in discharging your debt

Facts Regarding Short Sales

Sometimes, a short sale can be the best solution for an individual.  It can be a viable foreclosure defense or it can prevent a person from having to file for bankruptcy.  It can provide much needed debt relief for you while giving the lender money that they might not have received.  A short sale can adversely affect your credit report just as a foreclosure will.  You may have credit restored to you faster than with a foreclosure and it may be possible to get another mortgage within very few years.  For some, foreclosure, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be a more beneficial way to settle your personal debts.  For others, the relief of having their debt forgiven is worth any disadvantage from a short sale.  In our firm, we treat each person as an individual, with a specific financial situation and personal financial goals.  There is no "one solution fits all" when it comes to financial troubles.  That is why we offer the full extent of our experience and knowledge when it comes to lending you a hand.

Contact a California Short Sale Lawyer when you are having difficulties managing your mortgage payments and seek sound financial advice.     

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