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Discharging Your Debt

About Bankruptcy and Discharging Debt

Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision, but sometimes it is the only way to gain a fresh start. One of the benefits of bankruptcy is that it sometimes allows you to completely discharge your debt, meaning that your debts are completely liquidated or forgiven after you have proven that you do not have enough income to pay them off.  Generally, debts are discharged under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, whereas Chapter 13 enables you to develop a repayment schedules that works for you.  Having your debt discharged under bankruptcy means that a huge financial burden will be lifted off your shoulders, and with budgeting and debt counseling, you can work to reclaim financial stability for you and your family.  To learn more about how bankruptcy may help you with discharging your debt, contact a California bankruptcy lawyer today to obtain exceptional legal advice and representation. 

While Chapter 7 can help you liquidate your debts, it is important to understand that not all debts can be cleared for discharge under bankruptcy law.  For instance, federal student loans do not qualify for liquidation when you file for bankruptcy and must be repaid in full over a period of time.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in California

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and want to know more about how it can help with discharging your debts, having an experienced and knowledgeable group of bankruptcy lawyers working for you is an absolute must.  At Price Law Group, our dedicated team of legal professionals has helped many clients successfully petition for bankruptcy, and we can assist you through the bankruptcy process as well.  We firmly believe that everyone deserves a clean slate sometimes, and that's why we want to offer you the advice and guidance you need to file for bankruptcy.  Let us help you today.

Don't wait to obtain first-rate legal assistance if you are considering filing for bankruptcy.  Contact a California Bankruptcy Attorney to find out how bankruptcy could aid you in discharging your debt.

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